Website Development, Hosting and Support

Let the Reliable Scribe help you with your new or existing website. We offer many levels of assistance from consulting part time to assuming complete responsibility for your site’s design, hosting, development, implementation, operation, domain name registration and maintenance/problem resolution.

If you want or have a website with which you need some assistance but plan to maintain its functionality and keep its content current within your own organization, we can help. Our charge is a simple per hour fee for consulting.  Our involvement will be at your direction, be it to offer advice, direction and/or technical instruction, or to use our expertise in the actual development/implementation.

At the other end of the support spectrum, the Reliable Scribe can assume all responsibility for hosting your website, to include a hosting service, the design/development per your specifications, implementation and all maintenance/problem resolution required to ensure a viable website that is representative of your business plan. Fees for this level of service depend on the level of support you need. Contact us to discuss your requirements and what we can provide for you.

In addition to the expertise required for the design, development, implementation, maintenance and support of your website, we also offer expertise with WordPress and Drupal Content Management Systems. Our goal is to develop a website using our expertise in the development and implementation of  a product that meets your requirements and provides your organization as much control over that site as you  want.  We also develop mission specific websites with interfaces designed for a unique user based on their login that serves a company function like quote input and processing, order tracking and trouble report processing.


To learn more about the Reliable Scribe services, costs or deliverables, please use the “Contact Us” tab at the top of the web page to send us an inquiry.