Technical Instruction and Course Development

Do you have a need to develop your technicians, expand user product understanding and/or establish technical processes? Our technical expertise covers many aspects of today’s technical needs, from desktop applications to local communications and enterprise networking.

We enjoy the challenge of developing and presenting technical training.  Our goal is to be cost effective and supportive to your bottom line by improving production through a greater employee understanding of your product, technology and procedures.  The Reliable Scribe can help you increase employee and end-user understanding and confidence relative to your office applications, technical communications and network environment.  Our course material can be structured as instructor-lead, self-paced or online.  Reliable Scribe can offer self-paced courses using Microsoft Power Point, interactive PDF or Open Office Impress. If you prefer another technology instruction methodology, please contact us regarding your requirements.

Our instructors are well versed in Microsoft Office, Open Office Suite, Wordperfect Office Suite, FrameMaker and all manner of PDF creation with animation.  We have vast amounts of experience with spreadsheet formulas, script/macro creation, document formatting within the word processor, as well as with exciting animation using both presentation applications and Adobe Acrobat.

Our technical background within the highly complicated communications, switching and networking environments has given us the ability to understand the most complicated technology. We can reduce your engineering specifications into an easily understood presentation, training course or sales flyer.


To learn more about the Reliable Scribe services, costs or deliverables, please use the “Contact Us” tab at the top of the web page to send us an inquiry.